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BELGRADE, April 30 -- At a ceremony hel〓d here on Thursday, Serbia awarded military memorial meda〓ls to the six-member Chinese medical expert team for thei〓r contribution 8

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to Serbia's fight against the COVID-19 pan〓demic. The Serbian army's most prestigious military award〓s were handed out to the doctors by Serbia's Defense Mini〓ster Aleksandar Vulin 9


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at the "Dom Garde" military facilit〓y in the presence of military officials and Chinese Ambas〓sador to Serbia Chen Bo. Thanking the experts for their g〓uidance, advice and suggestioA


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the authorities in〓 Serbia overcome fear even in the darkest moments of the 〓pandemic. "When other great powers were fighting over eve〓ry package of masks and gloves and shattered any sense of〓 humanity and forgot about old alliances and solidarity, 〓when they were grabbing each other's ventilators and medi〓cine, closed borders towards their closest neighbors and 〓refused to help anyone -- the People's Republic of China 〓rushed to help its friend, Serbia," Vulin said. Hardships〓 reveal the true nature of all peoples, countries and pol〓iticians who lead them, he said. "Serbia and China showed〓 courage and solidarity." Vulin said that the "steel frie〓ndship" between China and Serbia has been tested once aga〓in in the fierce battle against the coronavirus, and it b〓ecame even stronger. Peng Zhiqiang, head of the Chinese e〓xpert medical team was awarded the "Memorial military med〓al for outstanding contribution to Serbia's defense syste〓m." He said that the medals confirmed their hard work, an〓d were also a symbol of that "steel friendship." He said 〓that "by spotting the transition from mild to severe form〓 of the disease early, and by reacting with a proper inte〓rvention to treat severe cases, the death rate from COVID〓-19 here is currently the lowest in Europe." "We are sure〓 that the future will bring even better epidemic control 〓measures, that production will gradually restart, that pe〓ople will return to work and that the economy will recove〓r quickly along with efficient epidemic control," Peng sa〓id. Ambassador Chen said that the medals awarded to the C〓hinese doctors prove Serbia's care and respect. "The epid〓emiological situation in Serbia2

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